HILLSIDE: chilling with wine and small plates

Hillside 1 Dear Food Diary: While waiting for a table at Vinegar Hill House, their little sister Hillside around the corner helped our time go by deliciously faster! Small plates tapas style  shared over wine with some good company. So good in fact, I didn’t mind just chilling there and almost forgot about the table next door all together. Hillside 2 Laid back atmosphere. Communal tables. And friendly service. The dishes wouldn’t actually be”dinner” for some, but small bites and wine does constitute as a meal for me. Hillside - white anchovy crostini WHITE ANCHOVY CROSTINI with peperonata, butter Perfectly crusty bread. A undeniable amount of butter topped with these salty and oily anchovies. The peperonata ( Italian slow cooked bell peppers, onions and garlic) gave it layers of flavor and the garlic complimented the bread as always. A good mix of salty and sweet. Simple bite of pleasure.   Hillside - roasted bone marrow ROASTED BONE MARROW with bottarga, dill Ultra rich and fatty gelatin. The shaved bottarga (known as the poor man’s caviar) aka cured egg sac added the much needed saltiness and unlike plain salt, it also brought an extra layer of umami. The dill livened it up. On a crunchy piece of bread, I felt guilty in the best way possible.   Hillside - smoked salmon and beets CURED SALMON with roasted beets and creme fraiche The beets are a nice companion the the salmon. The creme fraiche and dill are a classic combo. Salty, smokey and sweet with a creamy/tart finish.   Hillside - smoked ricotta SMOKED RICOTTA with burnt orange marmalade, hazelnut shortbread This was to die for! The burst of citrus, sweet with a hint of bitterness (fragrance from the peel) added to the smoked creamy ricotta and nutty/crumbly pieces of hazelnut shortbread. There’s that buttery mix to it all. Would have licked the bowl if I could!   On a busy Saturday night, the wait for 6 people at Vinegar Hill House was close to 2 hrs, which would of been ridiculously unbearable if it not been for Hillside. And since the food at Vinegar Hill House isn’t what it use to be, I really wouldn’t mind just stopping by Hillside in the future.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4


70 Hudson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11201


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