[TOKYO] Tsukiji Kimuraya Bakery’s Red Bean Anpan

Kimuraya Pastry Shop in Tsukiji

Dear Food Diary:
After making our rounds at the Tsukiji Fish Market, StalkerBoy and I decided to check out the surrounding neighborhood in search of breakfast. After our meal at Sushi Yasuda the night before, sushi for breakfast just wasn’t an option.

We found the small unassuming Tsukiji Kimuraya Bakery that has been making their sweet red bean anpan for over a century.

Kimuraya Pastry Shop in Tsukiji - red bean anpan variety
I chose the chunky red bean paste with chestnuts while StalkerBoy opted for the smooth version. Both were fantastic.

Though we didn’t speak Japanese, the friendly staff tried their best to help us and even offered us to sit at the back. It’s a small and cozy retro space.

Kimuraya Pastry Shop in Tsukiji - counter seating - old school bakery

Kimuraya Pastry Shop in Tsukiji - Red Bean Paste Bun Anpan
We felt like being taken back in time, sitting on stools by the mustard counter. Free coffee with our buns. Yes please! Onegai shimasu hai.

Kimuraya Pastry Shop in Tsukiji - Red Bean Paste and chestnut Bun Anpan
The soft roll/bun is airy. Generously filled with a sweet but not overly red bean paste and a roasted chestnut. I loved my chunky one, where you have part smooth paste, part semi crushed beans. Soft and fragrant. The chestnut is also soft and once you bite into it, it becomes paste like. You can taste that unique aroma, a little nutty. It sort of took us back to our childhood…

My only wish was eating it warm, that would really take it up a notch. If you’re in the Tsukiji area I would highly recommend checking the shop and having an anpan or two. Great for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

After researching online, I wasn’t sure if this shop is in anyway related to the famous Ginza Kimuraya, the Chinese characters I managed to understand look similar, but I couldn’t find any info. on this location. I guess this is more of a local bakery!? Regardless, it was a solid anpan.

Addy wise, this is all I’ve managed to find:


P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 4

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