[TOKYO] Panda Sweets & Eats Galore!

Panda bakery - Ecute - JR Ueno Station

Dear Food Diary:
As if Panda donuts weren’t a cuteness overload all in itself, the amount of Panda sweets & eats all around Ueno Zoo is countless. From panda bread loafs, cakes, cookies to rice balls and even panda iced hot chocolate.

If you’re in love with these cuddly cuties as I am, this one’s for you…

At the Ecute Ueno where the Panda donuts were found, I also saw these:

Panda bakery 2 - Ecute - JR Ueno Station
Just look at the decor and boxes how cute right? Turned me into a happy ChubbyLittleGirl…

Panda cakes - Ecute - JR Ueno Station

Cakes in all shapes and sizes. Some way cuter than others.

Panda Desserts - Ecute - JR Ueno Station

Panda cakes 3 - Ecute - JR Ueno Station

Panda cookies and gift bag - Ecute - JR Ueno Station

Cookies in all different forms and these macaron look alike.

Panda buns and cakes - Ecute - JR Ueno Station

Panda Bento - Ecute - Ueno Station

Savory Pandas too. Rice balls and sandwich pockets.

Panda egg sandwich - Ecute - JR Ueno Station
People here don’t seem to like crust, just like moi, so the sandwiches always have the crust off.


UP CAFE panda hot chocolate
Animal postcards and iPads all around, this cafe also served the cutest hot chocolate.

UP CAFE panda iced hot chocolate
Panda iced hot chocolate. This is definitely an adult version, even though it is so darn cute. Deep dark rich chocolate with creamy froth on top and that kawaii panda design.

Next to the cafe, there’s even a little shop all dedicated to panda danish!

Danish Panda - Ecute - JR Ueno Station

Danish Panda 2- Ecute - JR Ueno Station
I had too many sweets and couldn’t take another bite. But these smelled pretty good.

Panda Sign - Ecute - JR Ueno Station
The Ueno station also has panda all over their signage.

Cafe Hibiki

cafe hibiki - ueno park - panda desserts and rice ball
Inside the Ueno Park, the cafe is a nice rest stop after the zoo and musems. Specially if you’re not into Japanese traditional sweets.

cafe hibiki - ueno park - Panda roll cake
Inside the park there’s also a Panda mailbox. Cute!!!

cafe hibiki - ueno park - Panda roll cake, green tea red bean
Along with my iced green tea latte, I got their Panda roll cake. Soft fluffy cake with a creamy green tea mousse filling and sweet red beans. Delightful.

cafe hibiki - ueno park - Panda Bun
They also have these big adorable baos with different fillings.


At the other end of the park, as you exit, you’ll find a Lotteria burger joint in a food court building and right next to it, a bakery that has amongst other Panda goodies, this loaf of bread with chocolate.

Panda bread loaf - ueno park area
They looked so good, I’ll have go go back and pick one up.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Panda-licious post as I have.

As I’m writting this post, Animal Planet Japan is having a special feature on Pandas. What a cute coincidence.

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  1. softrice says:

    Panda Baos look awesome!

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