Ramen Burger at Smorgasburg

ramen burger line at smorgasburg

Dear Food Diary:
Even though I was absent all summer, NY’s new food obsessions traveled all the way across the globe. From the cronut to ramen burger, I couldn’t wait to get back and try them all.

I spent a good chunk of last Saturday at Smorgasburg‘s Ramen Burger line… and I GOT THE LAST ONE! Only a limited amount is served each Sat.

ramen burger line - lucky one sign
About 30 minutes into the wait, the fun dude in held up a sign indicating he might be the last one from an estimate count by the Ramen Burger peeps. My friends S, J and I were about 5 people behind him. We kept our hopes up. Plus, after 30 minutes, what’s another 30 right?

When we finally reached the booth, this first world problem kind of suspense was killing us… So close, yet…

They gave a ticket to the guy in front and we waited anxiously… finally they announced, “3 left” which meant my girls and I would each get one! woohooooo…. victory. Right?

I suddenly felt this pressure building behind me, this meant everyone behind us who’ve waited as long would leave empty handed. And all eyes were on us Waiting to see if we would just get 2 burgers instead of 3. S and I would of shared one if they were able to cut it in half, but they couldn’t and I don’t like taking bites off each others food, so that was that.

I overheard someone behind me say to their friend “Offer her $20 or something”, I kept praying “Don’t ask me! Don’t ask me!”.
LOL, only in New York.

ramen burger - boys flipping burgers
The boys flipping away…

ramen burger - assembly line - smorgasburg brooklyn view
As the girls assembled the last ramen burger of the day in slow motion, my burger, I hummed the Olympics tune…

As hungry vulchers behind me stared. Some folks on line just wouldn’t leave.

ramen burger
The final verdict? 
It was pretty awesome. Things that are so familiar yet, together, it seemed new and different. Kudos to Keizo Shimamoto. It remind me of HK, when they had crunchy rice patties for bread.

The noodles had a crispy edge (though I would of liked a crispier exterior) with a springy al dente center. It held up nicely to the juicy burger. Topped with sweet hoisin like relish with pops of scallions and a peppery arugula. Nice balance of sweet and savory. I would definitely have it again. No cheese for me on this one.

I must admit, getting the last one of the day definitely made it tastier.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4.5

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  1. softrice says:

    They should just open shop and sell more!

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