UMAMI BURGER: Ohhh yes! Truffle Burger

umami burger - truffle burger

Dear Food Diary:
Some bites are able to leave a lasting and tasty memory. Umami Burger did just that with their Truffle Burger at the last Googa Mooga. Since then, I’ve become a follower, addict, fan  – whatever you want to call it.

Ohhh yes! that Truffle Burger.

umami burger nyc
Huge space, bar seating and an upstairs. Lines go pretty fast, at least when I was there. Getting there early is always a good idea.

Plenty of cocktails, wine and beer to go along with the burgers.

umami burger - truffle burger 2
I know the branded U on that soft buttery bun is for Umami, but to me it’s saying “Hey U, eat me”. Ultimately, it’s just sexy. with all that melted house truffle cheese.

umami burger - truffle burger 3
Their signature beef blend is ultra – wet your napkins kind of juicy. Roasted garlic aioli plus truffle glaze. Strong flavors for a strong bad boy. So fragrant, so much butter and fat it’s ridiculously good. It’s chard where it needs to be and soft in just the right places. Hits the spot in so many levels.


umami burger - fries and fried pickle
umami burger - dipping sauces
Truffle Cheese and Salt Fries. Fried Pickles. Sweet Potato Fries.
All good options to go with the burger. But not outstanding enough for me to pick one over the other. Garlic aioli as a dip with sweet potato fries is always a winning combo for me though.

But I was on a cloud dreaming of truffle burger at that point.

umami burger - goodbatch ice cream sandwich
Desserts vary. The last time I was there, they had one of my Smorgasburg favorite – The Good Batch ice cream sandwiches. The Sunkissed Ginger was a good ending.

I’ve been wanting to try another burger, but the Truffle Burger with truffle cheese has me hanging on a string.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 4.5
432 6th Avenue

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