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Elevate Restaurant & Lounge: great bridal shower

elevate - bridal shower brunch 3

Dear Food Diary:
This city has plenty of great spaces to host parties, but finding one that won’t break your bank is a challenge. For our good friend J’s bridal shower a couple weeks ago, we chose Elevate Restaurant & Lounge in Chinatown. They offered an $18 3 course brunch + a drink, allowed us to show up early to decorate and stay for 4 hours. The bride and guests enjoyed themselves and the bridal party (me included) had a great time hosting.

Foragers City Table: market, groceries, butcher, restaurant

foragers city table 9

Dear Food Diary:
The concept of farm to table is not just a trend, but a way of life. Knowing where my food comes from and supporting these passionate folks is satisfying in itself. And though I can’t do it all the time, I try. It is specially hard in the city which is why Foragers City Table fills that need. Farmer’s markets are great, but they don’t have all the products one might need. This is that chic cross between farmer’s market and grocery store. It’s a one stop shop for produce, meat and everything else in between, plus a nice spot for a meal of local ingredient.

HILLSIDE: chilling with wine and small plates

Hillside 1 Dear Food Diary: While waiting for a table at Vinegar Hill House, their little sister Hillside around the corner helped our time go by deliciously faster! Small plates tapas style  shared over wine with some good company. So good in fact, I didn’t mind just chilling there and almost forgot about the table next door all together.

American Table Cafe and Bar by Marcus Samuelsson

American Table Cafe and Bar by Marcus Samuelsson 1

Dear Food Diary:
I was excited to check out celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson‘s new UWS casual spot American Table Cafe and Bar the day after their opening night. Situated right inside the grand Alice Tully Hall. It’s spacious and well lit. Perfect location for before or after a show. The soups started our meals off on a good note, unfortunately, it was downhill after that. High prices without the dishes to back it up.

indie food and wine: Dinner + Movie (or show) at Lincoln Center

indie 3

Dear Food Diary:
The 50th New York Film Festival starts late September and while we feast with our eyes, we must never forget our tummies.

Indie food and wine is perfect for a nice quick or not so quick bite before or after a movie at the Film Society Lincoln Center or any show in Lincoln Center. It’s literally underneath the fancy Lincoln Ristorante – though not related in any way. On the contrary, Indie offers affordable entree options and wine by the glass. Casual and pretty chill, quick but not fast food by any means.