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JACOB’S PICKLE: Total calorie splurge. Well worth it.

jacob's pickle

Dear Food Diary:
After running a 5k charity run, the girls and I splurged our hard earned calories at Jacob’s Pickle. And boy, ohhh boy, it was deliciously spent.

Chill vibe, rustic setting, great food and prices on the Upper West Side. Comfort food at its best plus a variety of pickles.

I can’t wait to go back.

TREEHAUS: Best Steam Table for my last lunch in Midtown East

treehaus steam table - bone marrow and shark

Dear Food Diary:
Today is my last day as Senior Art Director at this agency. After 10+ years in Midtown East, I’ve had my share of wonderful lunches. We don’t have much retail but we make up for it in good food, specially Japanese!

For my last lunch, I wanted to visit Treehaus and their kick ass steam table one last time. The best addition to the area in the last couple years. We really needed this. No korean deli can compare to the quality and selection. Where else would I get Bone Marrow for lunch? or Shark? or Fried Frog legs and oysters? Grilled octopus? Skate?  I will surely miss it.

Oh! And the Dough and latte

Trestle on Tenth: Crispy Duck Necks. Yes, please!

Trestle on Tenth outdoor seating

Dear Food Diary:
Growing up in Buenos Aires, my parents were always in the restaurant business. Which meant free chicken and duck wings/necks by the kilos to take home (usually discarded, wings weren’t big in Argentina). ChubbyMama was all about nose-to-tail (or in this case, neck-to-tail) and on a budget, so she made them in all sorts of creative ways to keep my little palate entertained. Plus, they were fun to eat.

Trestle on Tenth wasn’t on my radar until my pal MaoMao praised their Crispy Duck Neck!

You see, they stumbled upon it on a hungry Sunday and couldn’t believe it was on the menu. Actually, I’ve never seen it on any menu either, specially non-Asian. If you have let me know! Anyways, the crispy duck necks were fantastic! And to our surprise, the rest of the dishes were up to par.

North End Grill: Ramps by Top Chef Master

north end grill - open kitchen

Dear Food Diary:
Ramps aka wild leeks are still in season and I can’t get enough of them!

Last week, we couldn’t make it to Ramp Fest 2013, so we got a table at the North End Grill instead. Top Chef Master winner Floyd Cardoz has them on the menu 3 ways and we got them all.  Grilled, on a pizza and as a gravy!

The chef tweeted me that it’ll be on the menu at least till end of this week, so hurry! If you love mom, take her to eat ramps!

TREEHAUS: Brooklyn’s DOUGH doughnuts in the city


Dear Food Diary:
Treehaus is my favorite new addition to the Midtown East area. Totally unlike the usual Asian deli (so tired of those duplicate copies). The space is bright, airy and it feels like being in Brooklyn. Sweet coffee shop in the front, juice bar, futuristic steam table on the side (American comfort with a French twist) and tons of different food choices in the back.

Yesterday afternoon I went back for their creamy latte and OMG!!! (yes, I’m getting all valley girl here)… seriously! OMG!!! I saw a couple rows of doughnuts and I knew they were from DOUGH. Woohooo!!! My plan to get a beach ready body (going to DR on Friday) was put on hold yet again and I indulged… Oh, yes, I, did…