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Sugar and Plumm: Savory & lots of sweet on the UWS

sugar and plumm 1

Dear Food Diary:
Upper West Side just got a sprinkle of fairy dust. It’s a little sweeter with the addition of Sugar and Plumm. This place looks like the dream of a chubby fairy godmother, seriously, just looking around makes your sugar levels go high, thankfully there’s also a full menu with non sugary items. Their pastries are by Pichet Ong (Sport Dessert Bar) and all savory comfort food dishes by chef Steven Ferdinard (soups, salads and entree choices).

It opened to some controversy, having to tone down on the “cute factor” (boooooo), but honestly I find the Planet Sushi neon sign across the street way more disruptive.

Untitled: Dinner date at the Whitney Museum

Dear Food Diary:
StalkerBoy kept our date night spot a secret. I was puzzled while heading uptown towards museum row after dark on a Friday night (clearly dead). He kept hinting “museum” as I laughed at him while assuring him it was closed by now. Only to be pleasantly surprised by Untitled, a Danny Meyer’s restaurant in the basement of the Whitney Museum. I had no idea this place existed!

RECIPE: Brunch I return for again and again (closed)

recipe 1
Dear Food Diary:
With such an array of brunch options in this city it’s hard to commit to one place. I wouldn’t call Recipe my usual, but when I tallied the receipts from last fall till now, this Upper West Side joint won the most visited. Some of my less adventurous days, I just want what I crave, without any surprises and Recipe delivers just that. Plus, their logo is super cute and I dig that.

CALLE OCHO: UWS Nuevo Latino Cuisine

calle ocho 2

Dear Food Diary:
To celebrate the opening of it’s new location, the folks at Calle Ocho invited us to a press dinner.

SEL et POIVRE: Where I fell in LOVE… with liver

sel el poivre 8
Dear Food Diary:
Last week I was invited to a Press Tasting Dinner at Sel et Poivre. A charming little French bistro on the upper east that’s been around for over 20 years. Once a mother/daughter partnership, it’s now a husband/wife joint. I’ve walked by countless times, but never stopped to smell the butter… so this was my perfect “eatpportunity”.