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SALUMERIA ROSI: Tuscan Toast takes over French Toast

salumeria rosi

Dear Food Diary:
French toast and brunch seem to go hand in hand. Before Salumeria Rosi, I always had that Vanilla Brioche French Toast as my favorite sweet treat for brunch. But the moment I tasted Salumeria Rosi’s Tuscan Toast I was immediately weaned off  french toast forever.

The rest of the menu here is pretty sweet too. Tuscan dishes served tapas style. An impressive array of cured meats and fresh bread.

There’s a reason why I chose to take their food to Diner en Blanc 2012 (one of the most magical nights I had in NYC), their flavors never disappoint, whether in store or take out.

North End Grill: Ramps by Top Chef Master

north end grill - open kitchen

Dear Food Diary:
Ramps aka wild leeks are still in season and I can’t get enough of them!

Last week, we couldn’t make it to Ramp Fest 2013, so we got a table at the North End Grill instead. Top Chef Master winner Floyd Cardoz has them on the menu 3 ways and we got them all.  Grilled, on a pizza and as a gravy!

The chef tweeted me that it’ll be on the menu at least till end of this week, so hurry! If you love mom, take her to eat ramps!

RECIPE: Brunch I return for again and again (closed)

recipe 1
Dear Food Diary:
With such an array of brunch options in this city it’s hard to commit to one place. I wouldn’t call Recipe my usual, but when I tallied the receipts from last fall till now, this Upper West Side joint won the most visited. Some of my less adventurous days, I just want what I crave, without any surprises and Recipe delivers just that. Plus, their logo is super cute and I dig that.

The Breslin: Love at first bite… Whole Sucking Pig

The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 1
“Oh little piggy, how I love thee. Thy luscious crisp skin and thy tender, moist and juicy nourishing flesh” (drooling as I’m reciting… hard to concentrate).

Dear Food Diary:
This was an epic dinner months in the making. Back in Feb, when I met Gypsy-Addie at a blogger’s dinner for the first time, we instantly hit it off and planned for this feast. It took months of going back and forth over emails. Getting 8 piggy-vores together on the same night, while making sure The Breslin could accommodate us before 10 PM wasn’t easy. But numerous calls and emails later, we signed the contract and were ready as ever!!!

PATACON PISAO: Awesome Venezuelan in Elmhurst

Patacon Pisao 3

Dear Food Diary:
My friend Danny raved about Patacon Pisao for days, actually more like weeks. In a 2 week span, he spent most nights at this Inwood Food Truck implant, now in Queens. He’s actually met every family member who work this small homey local joint. You can imagine my excitement when the day finally arrived and this Chubby was finally able to taste what this fuzz was all about.