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MACARON CAFE: one of the worst macarons I’ve had in nyc


macaron cafe 1 

Around the office, my coworkers were buzzing about the salads and sandwiches at Macaron Cafe, so I had to go back and check it out.

While I would agree that the salads and sandwiches were good, the macarons were still as bad as I remembered.

Yogi Korean Tacos cart in midtown

Dear Food Diary:
I was pleasantly surprised to see this cart at the corner of 47th and 3rd ave yesterday . I love Korilla, but the truck is hardly around Midtown East and when it is, the line is insane (for good reason). Yogi on the other hand is a cart, there “permanently” during lunch time (for now at least).

NY Restaurant Week (yet again… *sigh*)

restaurant week 2012

Dear Food Diary:
It seems inevitable at this point that Restaurant Week Month arrives twice a year. You know how I feel about it, but like I’ve admitted in the article, if friends want to go, I would tag along. Over the years I’ve had mixed experiences. Some were decent and others simply not worth it. Dinner with wine+tax+tip usually comes to $60+ (I wouldn’t call that a steal). I still prefer spending my money and tummy on regular menus. Regardless, here’s my favorite from Winter Restaurant Week 2011:

BAR BASQUE: Tapas at a chic and futuristic spot (CLOSED)

bar basque 3
Dear Food Diary:
A couple weeks ago, I was invited to Bar Basque’s Summer Menu Preview. This hip new tapas joint resided on the 2nd floor of the Eventi Hotel.

bar basque 6
Predominately red right off the elevator, it felt like getting into a spaceship, a rather chic one. It was pouring outdoors, but indoors, the open dining room was covered and well lit by the natural light. So remarkably spacious… ahhhh, such a change from all the cramped eateries in this city.

SCHNITZEL & THINGS: From mobile to midtown

schnitzel and things 2
Dear Food Diary:

At some point last year, it seemed like brick to truck was all people wanted to do, but then the reverse started happening. Either way, its more yummy for our tummy. As a midtown luncher, I’ve been super excited about this new addition to the East side. Signs have been up for weeks. Finally, the first taste today.